Three Reasons To Enroll Your Child In Karate


If you’ve decided that you’re going to enroll your child in a karate school like H S Lee’s Karate School, you’ve made a popular decision. More than six million American children practice some form of martial arts. Whether you choose a school that simply focuses on helping children keep active or you opt for a program that emphasizes the fundamentals to help children move up through the karate ranks, you’re helping your child in a number of important ways. Many children who discover specific forms of physical activity at a young age continue to practice them throughout life. In the meantime, however, here are three ways that taking karate at a local certified karate school can benefit your child. Contribution To Daily Exercise Guidelines The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation is that children get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. This guideline can be hard to meet for many children who spend time in front of the TV and the computer. By visiting your local karate school even once per week, your child will get valuable exercise that can help him or her meet the 60-minute guideline or even exceed it for that day. Being physically active at any age provides a wide range of health benefits. Among these is helping your child keep a fit, healthy body and reduce the risk of being overweight or obese. Development Of Discipline Teaching children to be disciplined is integral to the programming offered at many karate schools. Emphasizing this level of respect for the karate instructor, the child’s peers in the class and the child himself or herself is especially valuable if you’re concerned that your child is lacking discipline or is running into trouble at school. Karate not only teaches children about following the rules, but also shows that staying disciplined can lead to rewards. For example, a child who is disciplined and practices his or her karate movements daily will excel at the karate school faster than someone who doesn’t do this “homework.” This could also work when doing
arm workouts at home for beginners . Understanding That Hard Work Pays Off Even at a young age, karate students get a chance to learn skills, get tested on those skills and be rewarded upon performing them correctly. Whether it’s properly executing a bow during a beginner’s class or demonstrating a specific self-defense move at an intermediate class, children are tested by their teachers and will receive colorful stripes on their belts and, eventually, different colors of belts for effectively demonstrating their skills. This simple process clearly shows your child that when he or she works hard, there will be a reward for doing…

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Keeping Your Child Safe While They Shred: Skateboard Safety Accessories

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Sixty percent of skateboard injuries involve children 15 or younger. If you bought your child a skateboard for Christmas or their birthday recently, you want to make sure that they’re safe while they skate. Here is a quick parent’s guide to buying the right skateboard accessories to keep your young skater safe while they shred: Head Gear: Choosing a quality helmet Your child can recover from just about any skateboarding injuries except traumatic brain injury. You probably also know that the only way to protect their brain while they skate is with a quality helmet. Quality helmets are fabricated from four materials: ABS plastic, fiberglass composite, carbon fiber, or Kevlar. Although carbon fiber and Kevlar helmets are stronger, ABS plastic and fiberglass composite helmets offer adequate protection as well. The easiest way to guarantee that a skateboard helmet is “quality” is to look for ASTM F1492 certified helmets. Although there are some “quality” skateboard helmets without this certification, the only way to guarantee that your child’s skateboard helmet offers sufficient protection is with ASTM F1492 certification. Head Gear: Choosing a quality helmet your child will actually wear. Once you settle on an ASTM F1492 certified helmet, now you’re pitted with a less objective, sometimes far more difficult, task: choosing a quality helmet your child will actually wear. After all, if your child won’t wear the helmet you buy, it won’t do them much good when they fall. You will need to make them part of the process. Even if you plan on purchasing the helmet online, you may want to visit your local skate shop. Touching, holding, and physically seeing a helmet will help you and your child choose a better helmet. Also, seeing the helmet in the skate shop can legitimize the helmet in your child’s eyes. Once your child chooses a helmet that you both approve of, you can order the helmet online (often for much cheaper). Knee and Elbow Pads Some most common skateboarding injuries are fractured elbows and wrists. Although protecting your child’s knees while they skateboard isn’t a bad idea, outfitting them with elbow pads is more likely to offer protection they’ll need. Simply put, when your child falls off their skateboard, they are more likely to brace their fall with the hand or elbow. When you’re looking for elbow pads, look for pads with jointed, hard-plastic, plates. The hard-plastic offers protection, the jointed plates offer flexibility. Visit an online skateboard shop to see what is…

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Fall And Winter Mountain Bike Riding – What You’Ll Need

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With summer reaching its end, it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for cool and inclement weather activities. One such activity that can be even more fun and exciting when the leaves begin to fall and the winter flurries begin covering the ground is mountain bike riding. With the right gear, your mountain bike adventures can continue through the fall and winter and never have to come to an end. So, what kind of gear do you need to ride during the fall and winter months safely? Your Gear Waterproof Riding Apparel – Staying dry should be a top priority. If you can’t stay dry out in the cold, your ride will not be as pleasant as you may have hoped. Get yourself some quality waterproof riding pants, shirt and socks. Waterproof riding apparel is designed to keep you dry while still promoting air circulation to prevent overheating yourself as you ride. Helmet Cover and Rain Cape – This, coupled with your waterproof apparel will keep you nice and dry during the most adventurous ride. Whether you are riding through rain or snow, the cape and helmet cover will protect much of your body from the moisture. Please do wear a rain cape that is designed to be worn while riding. If you try to wear a cheap poncho, it could get tangled up in the chain or wheel spokes and cause you to crash and get injured. Safety Glasses – Protect your eyes! The water, mud, snow and slush that your front tire hits will surely fling back and hit you in your face. Water resistant safety glasses will help to protect your eyes from injuries and keep your vision clear while riding through the sloppiest of terrains. Bike Gear Your bike needs two things for safe fall and winter riding – tires and fenders. Tires – Good tires will make all the difference in your ride. For the best traction while riding through sloppy terrain, choose wide tires with treads designed specifically for slick riding conditions. If your ride includes deep snow or icy conditions, consider getting tires with snow studs installed. Fenders – Fenders come in various forms. They can be installed permanently or snapped on for the occasional sloppy ride. The fenders will help to reduce the amount of slush, mud and water that splash all over you during the ride. Talk with your local bike equipment rental or sales company like Bootdoctors to find the things that you need to get out and enjoy the crisp fall and winter air on your mountain… 

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Paintball Tournaments: 3 Reasons To Choose Inflatables

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Paintballing is an outdoor sport that more and more people are becoming interested in. However, it can get old over time when the setup is the same. Wooden backdrops become boring and lack the excitement that they once held when everything was new. One way to make things more interesting again is to use inflatables in your very own paintball games and tournaments. Here are three reason you should consider using inflatables: 1. You Can Finally Change Up the Game. Wooden backdrops are designed to stay in place after they have been built. This is what makes many of the old paintball places old, boring and uninteresting. However, with inflatables, you can move them around as many times as you would like. Therefore, you can constantly change up the tournaments and games without having to find a new paintball place to go to. 2. Inflatables Won’t Rot. Wood requires consistent maintenance and upkeep in order to prevent rotting and to keep the backdrops in optimal shape. The rain and sun can significantly damage the wood over time, which is why they need to be weather-proofed and painted. However, this isn’t something you have to worry about with inflatables. Sure, the inflatables could suffer some color fading if they are left in the sun constantly, but they won’t be harmed by a little rain. If you’re worried about the rain, though, you can always deflate them once it starts pouring, store them until the rain stops and then bring them back out again. This would never be able to be done with the wooden backdrops, and you would simply have to let the rain ruin your win time after time. 3. The Kids Can Join in on the Fun. It isn’t uncommon for paintball games and tournaments to get pretty brutal and sometimes out of hand. If you fall from a backdrop, there is the potential for some serious injuries, depending on the height of it. With inflatables in the arena, you won’t have to worry about this because you can fall onto a soft surface rather than a hard surface. This also means that the kids can participate since safety will be increased with the soft inflatables. Having inflatables in the arena is a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of paintball. Just don’t forget the appropriate safety gear. Inflatables have created a whole new realm of possibilities and endless fun when it comes to outdoor and extreme sports, such as paintballing. For more information about inflatables, contact Adventures In Climbing or a similar…

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